Laura from Birmingham, United Kingdom

great angle for this shot, the subtle light works really well too.

20 Mar 2009 4:47pm

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

great angle and superb control of the light as well as great vision and idea! the balloon was well spotted and its blue colour stands out nicely!

22 Mar 2009 7:58am

oldshutterhand from Germany

Red balloon in blue. Good idea.

25 Mar 2009 11:21am

freDeric from France


31 Mar 2009 6:18pm

sara from paris, France

une fragilité superbemrnt mise en scène

7 Apr 2009 9:13am

CushmoK from France

riche image.. cette confrontation du ballon et de l'architecture fonctionne vraiment bien.. mmh, une très belle réalisation..

7 Apr 2009 7:36pm

Drey from Toulouse, France

Belle image!!

14 Apr 2009 8:55am

WABIKOJA from Shiga, Japan

Good composition and very well framed. The color realy nice too.

26 Apr 2009 4:26am

MD from Goto, Estonia

Great detail this blue ball.

29 Apr 2009 7:54am

Fred from Albania

amazing shot

3 May 2009 6:47pm

Francesco Gallarotti from New York, United States

You did it again... bravo!
I will have to bookmark you on :)

7 May 2009 3:48am

photobloggers from New York, United States

The picture is really amazing and it shows how talented you are. Also, your blog proves that photoblogs are much more interesting and captivating than regular ones.

9 May 2009 10:30pm

f/1.2 from Malmesbury, United Kingdom

I love the lines in this image.... really good composition.

13 May 2009 7:36pm

freDeric from Orleans, France

et la suite ?

14 May 2009 8:56pm

Angela Smith Photography from Portland OR, United States

Great angle and dimention. Fantastic work!

15 May 2009 1:41am

Cristi Popescu from Bucuresti, Romania

Great angle !!

15 May 2009 12:46pm

Corey Hines from Boston, United States

I love the accent color.

16 May 2009 3:36pm

photo retouching from Spain

Took me a second as I was following the lines downwards to catch site of the baloon.

17 May 2009 1:15pm

southernspice from United States


17 May 2009 6:45pm

alireza from tehran, Iran

nice capture

25 May 2009 4:02pm

Amit Basu Photography from United States

Well seen. Great lines.

27 May 2009 2:12am

freDeric from Orleans, France

allo ? :)

12 Jun 2009 8:57pm

livecontent from Paris, France

Blogs prove exactly how much the internet use and goals have changed since its initial release.

18 Jun 2009 5:24pm

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal


4 Aug 2009 4:43pm

Chris from American Samoa

Great shot, very serene.

4 Aug 2009 8:21pm

yz from Hungary

fantastic ideas and great compositions, love your blog, bravo

1 Dec 2009 8:09pm