Claus Petersen from herfølge, Denmark

This umbrella is just fantastic against the dark sky.. It has humor and sadness to it at the same time!

9 Feb 2009 9:56pm

613photo from Dallas, United States

I figured you'd quit or something.

Nice shot. Odd, but very cool.

9 Feb 2009 11:20pm

DarkElf from Perth, Australia

brilliant selective colouring! a different perspective if I can call it that - very creative and imaginative!

10 Feb 2009 4:20am

Keruschka from Groix from Groix, France

Superbe j'adore les nuages! C'est un traitement hdr?

10 Feb 2009 11:21pm

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thanks everyone for your feedback
Keruschka : non ce n'est pas un hdr

11 Feb 2009 9:49am

gavin hart from Gold Coast, Australia

At first sight, I thought the scene was too dark but then realized that the darkness creates a wonderful mood. The sky is great, especially with the wires, poles and that bizarre umbrella just tops it all off perfectly. It's all a little weird and giddy - very effective creativity.

12 Feb 2009 6:08am

Flee from Czech Republic

Superb :-))

12 Feb 2009 3:39pm

ross from United States

how did your bullshit show up on my screen and how do show my gratitude in person by gratitude i mean something you will never forget

13 Feb 2009 5:52am

Nan from Quezon City, Philippines

I thought the eyes were just added as effect on Photoshop. Cute umbrella, and it reallly stands out because of the wires drawing to it. :)

13 Feb 2009 7:04am

Momo from Montpellier, France

nice...funny...good to see these things...

15 Feb 2009 10:32am

ben from France

Belle image. Le ciel est dramatique et contraste bien avec ce parapluie qui n'a rien à faire là. La compo est bien choisie, c'est dynamique

19 Feb 2009 6:33pm

Nancy from Kelowna, Canada

Love it!!!

20 Feb 2009 4:51pm

freDeric from France

chercher l'intru...Il domine le monde...

21 Mar 2009 10:39pm

Yarra from Melbourne, Australia

Interesting composition, nice shot

8 Nov 2009 5:53am

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

What an awesome shot Antoine!!! I love the processing on this!!

5 Dec 2009 3:53am

laurent from 93, France


26 Dec 2009 12:39pm

Anthony from United States

I like the umbrella captured in this shot. The sky looks very ominous.

27 May 2011 5:09am

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