Alphons from Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Very strong picture, with the shadows, especially of the man.

15 Nov 2008 12:27am

Gerd from Germany

Great contrasts. I always thought street photography has to be in B/W, but this one proves me wrong! Great!

15 Nov 2008 8:35am

Vink from Grasse - French riviera, France

Jeu de lumière sur ce mur ! bien joué !

15 Nov 2008 9:32am

Andrew from North Carolina, United States

Excellent image. Bold, strong shadows make this image stand out. Nice work!

15 Nov 2008 11:58am

Framed and Shot from Houston, United States

Very interesting shot..A lot to grab the attention and still simple. Well done.

15 Nov 2008 7:20pm

jelb from France

Well done dof, composition..Bravo!

15 Nov 2008 11:20pm

marelle from France

bonjour Antoine
je retrouve avec plaisir tes images, celle ci me touche particulièrement , l'homme entre l'ombre féminine et la lumière
j'aime la souplesse et la force de l'ombre, tramée, duelle puissante et fine
et ce visage interrogatif, devient touchant fragile

16 Nov 2008 11:50am

Marhilde from Geraardsbergen, Belgium

Appuyé sur le bon moment ! Une image très jolie ! Bien fait !

17 Nov 2008 5:29pm

Vinman from Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

The shadows make a very graphic image but your timing is perfection to get the man's head in the right position and light. Tres bien!

17 Nov 2008 11:50pm

Elodie from Rennes, France

Très belle photo, beaucoup d'impact, j'aime beaucoup !

18 Nov 2008 8:04pm

Marcah from Quincy, United States

Awesome Portfolio.

21 Nov 2008 4:21pm

Kheoh Yee Wei from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I agree with what Vinman commented.Excellent.

5 Dec 2008 5:50pm

Lasiate in Manila from manila, Philippines

Étonnant cet homme attaqué par les ombres!

7 Dec 2008 10:33pm

CushmoK from France

très belle capture... comme dit lasiate, étonnant cet homme aussi finement agressé par ces son ombre, perçante !

17 Dec 2008 8:47pm

Joanna from Poland

wow, this photo made me almost exclaim that :) great atmosphere, this man looks like he's really sneaking around. great!

18 Dec 2008 9:57am

613photo from Dallas, United States

That guy looks like he's up to no good. Great, deep shadows. Very nice shot.

21 Dec 2008 9:22pm

Michael Paulison from United States

That shadow single-handedly casts intrigue into the image. The man is probably nice enough but he seems suspicious to me. Plus, his shadow looks like a different version of himself. Really very interesting image!!

22 Dec 2008 4:14am

Suzanne from Huntington Bch, United States

Powerful image. Great play of shadow and light.

2 Jan 2009 7:24pm

Monte Stevens from Fort Collins, United States

I agree, this is a powerful image with the shadows and light. But what really causes me to stop is the look he gives us.

5 Jan 2009 12:35pm

Paulo Alves from Porto, Portugal

Great!Great! Great! Like that face...

7 Jan 2009 2:52am

Jarrard from Athens, GA, United States

Excellent geometry and great eye to find that composition.

7 Jan 2009 3:33am

Mario Jean [madoc photo] from Montréal, Canada

You really caught the man at the right moment, both for the light and for his expression. Superbly done.

23 Jan 2009 7:46pm

WABIKOJA from Shiga, Japan

You got nice shadows!

25 Jan 2009 2:11am

Peter from Dublin, Ireland

Great shot! Strangely dark and moody, full of atmosphere. I like the use of shadows and the way you have caught the look in the man's eye. Fantastic!

27 Jan 2009 2:09pm

André Bergonse from Lisbon, Portugal

Perfect composition and shadow playing.. great blog by the way, I love the atmosphere in your photos.

3 Feb 2009 1:21am

Ilan from Israel

What a great portrait! Really amazing photo, I really enjoyed that one.
Great use of light - seems like a dangerous fella :)

3 Feb 2009 7:20pm

e11even from eleven, United States

Freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 Dec 2009 1:24am