El Jefe from Almeria, Spain

Maravillosa. La iluminación de la ventana y la sensación de movimiento crean una atmosfera genial. Muy buen trabajo.

12 Jul 2008 9:23am

Silphi from Lyon, France

Superbe arrêt du temps !

12 Jul 2008 12:02pm

dj.tigersprout from San Bruno, United States

and then, in the blink of an eye... a marvelous story-telling frame... beautiful tension and light!

12 Jul 2008 6:40pm

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal


13 Jul 2008 10:41am

Veronelle from Lens, France

tout est dans le genou, superbe photo

13 Jul 2008 1:44pm

Veera from Trivandrum, India

Good one.

13 Jul 2008 2:43pm

digital photography from milano, Italy

captivating! stairs and the kid, two my fav subjects for photography :) well done!

14 Jul 2008 12:07am

Jennifer from United States

I really like how the rhythm and movement of the girl's body is repeated in the staircase.

14 Jul 2008 1:25am

apollo18 from United Kingdom

There is a great sense of motion here without the subject being blurred.

14 Jul 2008 8:03am

Jesse Moscoe from Toronto, Canada

Very nice moment in time.

14 Jul 2008 5:42pm

Mike from United States

What a great shot. The diffused light, the perfect sharpness, the curved staris and the beautiful subject. Really nice.

15 Jul 2008 1:21am

coffyx from Tulsa, United States

This is a very beautiful photo. And like someone else said, it's marvelous that the subject is not blurred.

16 Jul 2008 2:03am

::: CushmoK ::: from FLEURAC, France

la danseuse coure à la pharmacie car elle s'est foulée un doigt ;-)
Superbe, oui..

16 Jul 2008 8:18pm

Paz from bella vista, Argentina

Hi! My name is Paz (like peace), I was watching your blog, and I really liked a lot, and after a selection of blogs, I found one of the most interesting for what I need.

I'm from Argentina and I 'm proposing in several blogs photograph of several countries the following idea. Tell me if you are interested.

The idea is as follows., I will make a sample in an art event we do in the University called Links. The event is being done since several years ago, and covers all artistic expressions.

In my case, the idea was to make an installation with photographs of several countries (I am not a photographer), one of the reasons for my work is to represent the globality, and how to stay connected through the arts with other countries . The play is called "Hall of love."

What I need from you, obviously if you're interested, is that you send me a photo of any people who want to shoot, but ... (and here comes the complicated part to explain) the person should be looking at the camera "as giving a kiss" to the person taking this picture, do you understand?

This, will result in a hallway filled with photos of people around the world giving a kiss to the person who crosses the hall. One way to stay connected, has to do with the globality, and world peace.

I hope I have been fairly clear and you are interested in the proposal. If you are interesting, i will send you an other mail with the tecnical issues.Any doubt just contact me!

Forgive me if my English is not quite understandable ;-)

Greetings and Thanks!
Here an example
I forgot:The idea is that you send photos by e-mail and I print here until July.
mi email: besosenlafrente (arroba) gmail. com

16 Jul 2008 10:01pm

luis r from hermosillo, Mexico

Your photos are great !!!
please, never stop..

17 Jul 2008 5:32pm

ZmAjEvA from Belgrade, Serbia

Wonderful lighting and movement!

19 Jul 2008 12:58pm

Framed and Shot from Houston, United States

Amazing light and the feeling of speed, movement - very nice!

23 Sep 2008 9:08pm

Elodie from Rennes, France

excellent ! Très bel instantané.

12 Oct 2008 9:31am

danthro from Suburbia, United States

excellent capture! love the light!

11 Nov 2008 3:38am

maqroll from LEON, Spain

Buena, muy buena.

14 Nov 2008 9:47pm

Paul Wright from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Delightful shot

24 Nov 2008 9:10am

Ti from Alpharetta, United States

Nice shot! But I would crop out the hand though, it distracts the view to the girl from the whole picture, who is the subject of the shot. :-)

9 Feb 2009 11:41pm

Marlowe from Le Havre, France

En pleine forme pour aller à la pharmacie ! :)
Bel instantané

12 Sep 2009 1:07pm

pascaline barbot from sainte foy les lyon, France

c'est ma préférée. Un grand BRAVO !! MMZ

26 Feb 2011 4:12pm