::: CushmoK ::: from FLEURAC, France

image d'été...plisser les yeux, sentir le vent chaud du soir...

7 Jul 2008 9:47pm

Gregor from Johannesburg, South Africa

Excellent pic! the water looks so crisp and cool, and i love the way the sun is blinding and shimmering in the water!

8 Jul 2008 10:11am

tom-as from miotek, Poland

woooow! great foto!

8 Jul 2008 1:28pm

Ian MacLellan from Lincoln, United States

I love the soft focus here

9 Jul 2008 3:37am

Ian from Adelaide, Australia

Really like the perspective here.. and I love the light on the horizon.

9 Jul 2008 9:40am

desolate | metropolis from Boston, MA, United States

Fantastic title for this image. Really well done. The fact that it's an older power boat is a subtle detail that realy makes the image. Great job.

9 Jul 2008 2:22pm

Peter from Bothell, United States

Great tones here... looks like a scene from a Bond movie.

9 Jul 2008 9:14pm

John Doe from Suriname

i like the nice dreamy effect in this shot

11 Jul 2008 10:51am

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thanks every one

11 Jul 2008 4:09pm

pedro alexandre from loures, Portugal

antoine i guess it looks like that old james bond movies, i mean the tones and the action it self, she looks like a bond girl.

11 Jul 2008 10:25pm

Max from Italy

I love this picture

14 Jul 2008 11:58am

Luka from Zagreb, Croatia

very easy going, summer feeling. a nice nice photo.

17 Jul 2008 2:29pm

Garrett from Seattle, WA, United States

You have some wonderful titles to go along with great photos!

20 Sep 2008 11:02pm

David Leonard from Lausanne, Switzerland

This image is so beautiful, I love the blurred effect. You did catch the emotion!

10 Nov 2008 4:58pm

kari from Senegal

i am on that boat, i can feel the spray of the water and the sun. and i'm getting a bit hungry.

19 Nov 2008 10:03pm