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Posted by AntoineB (Lyon, France) on 21 June 2008 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

va savoir from Seoul, South Korea

WOW! excellent image full of meaning and mystery. marvellous... marvellous......

21 Jun 2008 8:05am

Mike from Lichfield, United Kingdom

Fantastic image and the lighting is great.

21 Jun 2008 8:22am

Alessandro from Calci (PI), Italy

Superb. You really have mastered this style of yours.

21 Jun 2008 8:36am

Jim (365,000 words) from Hunnebostrand, Sweden

A really striking image.

21 Jun 2008 9:17am

Isao from nord-isère, France

wouahhhhh ! J'aime vraiment ton traitement, et puis alors on dirait une image tirée d'une BD ou d'un film, mise en scène trés dramatique... les matériaux ressortent magnifiquement, et un+ pour le reflet qui éclaire l'ombre. Bravo !

21 Jun 2008 12:04pm

Stefan from Thiersee, Austria

Cool image, wonderful lightning!

21 Jun 2008 12:21pm

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

I love your work. Just perfect.

21 Jun 2008 12:36pm

Florence from Paris, France

Excellent traitement (HDR ?)... mais le bonhomme a l'air un chouia menaçant... enfin, en tous cas, pas très accueillant ! :-)

21 Jun 2008 2:00pm

Nataly from Santa Monica, United States

Very well done treatment. Great image!

21 Jun 2008 2:33pm

dj.tigersprout from San Bruno, United States

wow. another brooding masterpiece! wonderful (and a bit creepy)!!

21 Jun 2008 5:08pm

Wolfgang Burzler from Munich, Germany

Brilliant composition and colours!

22 Jun 2008 7:02am

Cybasumo from Georgia, United States

This photo! i think i have seen this somewhere! this looks so familiar1? is this from a suspense movie!? the guy in the middle looks like the killer from a suspense movie.

23 Jun 2008 2:32pm

desolate | metropolis from Boston, MA, United States

Hahaha, great title. Nice shot.

23 Jun 2008 2:52pm

lasiate from Philippines

superbe image.J'aime tout, le cadrage le reflet, le traitement. En B&W il ferait peur là avec la lumière dorée on le sent propriétaire et heureux!

23 Jun 2008 10:15pm

John Maslowski from Dallas,PA, United States

Great composition, the lighting effect and shadows are what really make this image. Outstanding work!

24 Jun 2008 3:08am

Eric Rousset from Grasse, France

Le coup du reflet..Pfff...Encore plus angoissant .......:-))))

24 Jun 2008 7:50am

Ian from Adelaide, Australia

Great atmosphere!

24 Jun 2008 8:39am

Andrew G. from United States

Fantastic shot, full of mystery. I like it!

24 Jun 2008 11:46am

Andrew G. from United States

Fantastic shot, full of mystery. I like it!

24 Jun 2008 11:48am

elaine from paris, France

impressionant, tres chouette traitement

24 Jun 2008 4:00pm

Mike from United States

Hey... this is a really great image. It might be scary... I don't know, but it's beautifully executed. REally great job here.

24 Jun 2008 10:11pm

Riri from Paris, France

Très belle mise en scène...
Superbe travail de composition. Un travail de qualité!

25 Jun 2008 11:33am

::: CushmoK ::: from FLEURAC, France

on est à la limite entre photo et illustration... l'ensemble marche, mais... mmmh.. un peu trop travaillé à mon goût, image de scène rustre avec traitement bling-bling (pour caricaturer ma pensée !)
ne pas le prendre mal, car pour l'ensemble j'adhère vraiment...

25 Jun 2008 1:23pm

Sylvain from Trois Rivieres, Canada

Superbe photo et superbe attitude !
Par contre, je sais pas pourquoi j'ai du mal avec le traitement (enfin, la partie "extérieure" de la photo : derrière le monsieur...)

25 Jun 2008 11:16pm

steven from United States

nice light, so much texture

26 Jun 2008 3:05am

AntoineB from Lyon, France

merci à tous pour vos commentaires
thanks everyone for yours feedbacks

26 Jun 2008 10:13am

steph from Tours, France

Cool!! J'aime beaucoup meme si je trouve le traitement trop poussé.
Trop de HDR tue le HDR. :)

27 Jun 2008 12:32am

lissa from New York, United States

kind of scary but great tones

27 Jun 2008 2:49am

CybaSumo from Atlanta, United States

This photo still scares me alot!

2 Jul 2008 7:36am

Chris Chisu from Seattle, United States

It was enough to go through some of the last pictures to realize you are one photographer who knows his trade. At least someone like you deserves a place up there on top.
Nice work pal.

3 Jul 2008 6:37am

Digital Photo Ted from Australia

Strong photo both in terms of artistic approach and technical execution.

5 Jul 2008 1:49am

andrea from Canada

absolutely brilliant photograph. it's so full of emotion.

5 Jul 2008 4:24pm

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thanks a lot
many comments on this photo
steph, i don't use hdr manipulation

6 Jul 2008 3:15pm

Arnaud from Canada

Très belle photo, on dirait un pêcheur de Nouvelle Écosse!

6 Jul 2008 5:31pm

Oleg from Torino, Italy

It seems the image of a horror movie. A serial killer :) Good effect!

9 Jul 2008 7:03am

Dasha from Nashville, Tennessee, United States

WOW!!! WHAT AN AMAZING SHOT!!! Really captures the mood/setting!

10 Jul 2008 7:20pm

John Doe from Suriname

amazing very cool shot man

11 Jul 2008 10:54am

Tamara from Fort Myers, FL, United States

wow.. this is just.... excellent! Wow. :)

12 Jul 2008 4:25pm

iced coffee from Belfast, Ireland

great image. the reflection and yellow are just amazing.

12 Jul 2008 6:19pm

Dirk Essl from Munich, Germany

Awesome reflection!

14 Jul 2008 7:53am

kari from Senegal

is the bucket for my dismembered remains? great image.

19 Nov 2008 10:04pm

Luis A. De Jesus R. from Mexico City, Mexico

Amazing work. You seem to be using some good glass. Which lens is your most favorite or most used in your work?

1 Dec 2008 4:26am


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