Ina from Krugersdorp, South Africa

Nice work!

8 Jan 2008 7:21am

Pedram from Esfahan, Iran

strange & nice !

8 Jan 2008 8:55am

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thanks ;)

8 Jan 2008 10:16am

bm from Budapest, Hungary

wow - very dark and Hitchcock...

8 Jan 2008 2:04pm

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thank you bm

8 Jan 2008 2:30pm

Naren from Middletown, CT, United States

Looks like some opening scene of a thriller movie :)
Nice shot! and nice title too!

9 Jan 2008 12:32am

Diego from La Paz, Mexico

I love post-production work...

9 Jan 2008 1:04am

Michael Skorulski from Cigel, Slovakia

Your coloring and composition has turned the ordinary into the interesting. Well-done.

9 Jan 2008 7:31pm

AntoineB from Lyon, France

thanks a lot everyone

9 Jan 2008 9:52pm

Riri from Paris, France

Très beau travail de post prod.
Une très belle ambiance Tim Burtonnienne !

10 Jan 2008 10:28am

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

Wonderful image.

20 Jan 2008 5:01pm

AntoineB from Lyon, France

merci Riri
thanks Damon

22 Jan 2008 11:40am

L. Despres from Lyon, France

quel rendu d'ambiance, une réussite !

23 Jan 2008 9:26pm

athamanass from Athens, Greece

black is great and your atmoshere succesfull
very Hitchcock-ic

11 Feb 2008 3:01am

Double KK Photography from West Richland, United States

very cool photo

17 Mar 2008 3:35am

flo g from Marseille, France

tres tres belle et surtout poétique..

1 Aug 2008 12:41am

amateuRobert from Budapest, Hungary

Fantasztikus fotóid vannak.

1 Dec 2010 9:53pm